WP6 – Transformative Learning Record (TLR)

WS Team: Sandra Thompson, David Gaul


Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) Activity Report                                                Academic Year 2020 / 2021



This workstream will apply the stage diffusion of technology model for implementation of a Transformative Learning Record. In Stage 1, the WS team will guide a core-trained group towards implementation. In Stage 2, the team will provide staff development opportunities, peer work opportunities and support to any staff willing to consider adoption of the TLR as a distinguishing teaching and learning brand for TU Dublin. Identified TLR competencies are listed below.

Civic Knowledge Skills and Experience engage students in community volunteer and service activities using teaching and reflection to nurture civic responsibility, caring, and community –mindedness, in order to promote a commitment to public life; ethical, critical reasoning and deliberations; and working for the common good of everyone.


Global Culture Competence seeks to prepare students to communicate effectively in a complex world, to function in multiple and diverse environments, and to adapt to the continuously changing global society through an attitude of awareness, consciousness and respect.


Health & Wellbeing Development integrates the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, environmental, financial, occupational, and social wellbeing of students to help them live, learn and work effectively, living life with vitality and meaning so they may reach their goals as scholars, employee in the workplace and citizens.


Leadership is a personal journey resulting in understanding and skill sets that students need to positively and ethically influence and mobilise others. We equip student with knowledge and skills to affect individuals, teams, organisation, the community and society for the great good.


Research and Innovation Competency building encourages students to approach life with a spirit of enquiry, to develop a problem solving mentality using information, knowledge and creativity in tackling business and social problems of the day.