WP5 – Student-Centred QA-QE Processes for Transformative Learning

WP Team: Prof. Brian Bowe, Dr. Philip Owende

Work Package 5 aims to develop a QA-QE system that will continue to support innovation, whilst integrating best practices in education at TU Dublin. The system developed will provide processes and criteria and continuously seek to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement, require root-cause analyses to be completed, and most importantly, will include a supportive process that engages all relevant stakeholders to address any identified issues and make appropriate changes for enhancement. Such a system will change the perception of quality  assurance from one of compliance, to a process that supports, enhances, improves and is effective. This QE system developed will be the first in higher education in Ireland that has been specifically designed for enhancement and aligns to transformative student-centered learning environments. Adhering to this new QE system will inevitably lead to programmes adopting student-centred pedagogical approaches. This, in turn will lead to a greater focus on the development of graduate attributes, which will be supported by the Transformative Learning Record (TLR).