WS 4.2 Universal Design for Learning

Building Universal Policy in TU Dublin— Universal Design Seminar Series

  • UDL at TU Dublin  is recognised by the NDA’s Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD).
  • Transform-EDU Workstream 4.2 on Universal Design has maintained collaboration with CEUD and EDI at TU Dublin through organisation of the Universal Design Seminar Series; 
  • 1st Speaker Sheryl Burghstahler, Director Accessible Technology Services, Affiliate Professor at University of Washington and Founder DO-IT Centre. Next speaker in series planned for Autumn 2021.

UD Community of Practise at TU Dublin 

  • Workstream 4.2 has facilitated the TU Dublin Community of Practice involvement with UDLHE Digicon Spring 2021 and CAST Summer 2021 Conferences.

Scoping UDL in the European University of Technology Alliance (EUt+)

  • Scoping to extend Community of Practice to European partners. Scoping for common Engineering Undergraduate degree approach to Universal Design. 
  • Transform-EDU Project Presentation to EUt+ team XR subcommittee. Connecting with UD – W3C XR Specifications. Organising XR / UD Expert participation 

Incorporating the Student Voice in UDL Colm Keegan – Student Voice 

  • COVID Impact through Universal Design Lens 2020 and 2021
  • Dissemination spoken word ‘Why We Do It’ —Creative Digital Media Year 1 & Year 2 of Study

Synergy in UDL Opportunities

  • Transform Edu Universal Design workshops; IMPACT Festival of Learning  
  • TU Dublin Esteem Universal Design Hackathon

Transform Edu Workshops and Conferences

  • UDL Conference in ITSligo May 2021
  • Trinity School of Education Inclusion Group ThinkTank Session Spring 2021
  • Trinity School of Education PG1 Conference Summer 2021
  • ICEP December 2020
  • TUDUBLIN IMPACT Series Autumn 2021 / Spring 2021
  • UDLIRN HE Digicon Spring 2021 (follow on from UDL IRN 2020)
  • CAST 7th Annual CAST UDL Symposium Summer 2021

Embracing Universal Design for Transformative Learning