WS 3.4 Cross Disciplinary Events for Transformative Learning

WS Team: Martha Burton, Ronan Keaskin and Adrienne Fleming

Whilst core disciplines underpin knowledge and build subject expertise, interdisciplinary learning is important to prepare students for employment.

In Transform-EDU, opportunities for cross-disciplinary offering have ben addressed via organised TL events across all campuses, attended and organised by students and staff alike.

The objectives of workstream WP3.4 are to:-

  • determine elements that could be offered as part of cross-disciplinary TL events¬†


  • generate a pipeline of inter-disciplinary events to provide innovative opportunities for extracurricular experience in interdisciplinary projects and teamwork.

Checklist for a Transformative Learning Event

 Transformative Learning Events Listing 

Some exemplar events







Call for applications – June 2021

Dissemination events / Mainstreaming