WS 3.2 Social & Emotional Skills and Work Readiness

WS Team: Dr. Aiden Carthy, Dr. Miriam O’Regan, Wynham Chambers

The main purpose of this workstream is to develop a suite of training modules and workshops that will enable students to enhance their social and emotional competencies; hence, to foster graduate attributes associated with employability, and career success in their discipline. These will be made available to students throughout their programmes of study.

Modules designated for Year 1 of study will focus on promoting self-awareness, intercultural awareness and stress management. In Year 2 , learners will be offered group-based discipline-specific coaching events. In the final year of study, students will be offered a work-readiness module, with a practical focus to enable them to demonstrate mastery of key skills for employment. Learning events will include employer–delivered seminars and workshops. Learners will also receive coaching in CV and interview preparation, and mock competency-based interviews with employers.

Check out the findings of our employer survey below! Just click  here on the image to activate the presentation.

Presentation for VIT&L by Paula Donovan 23.11.21