Work Package 1 – Project Management & Coordination

WP Team: Dr. Philip Owende (Project Director), Dr. Cormac MacMahon (Project Coordinator)

Work Package 1 (WP1) aims to provide an organisational and decision making structure for the project to match the complexity of Transform-EDU. A project coordinator will ensure that work schedules are adhered to, deadlines met, all partners are kept informed of progress, relevant information disseminated beyond the project partners, and that financial reporting are accurate. The management structure is as follows:-

    1. Project co-ordinator with overall responsibility for the project covers all financial dealings; offers advice and guidelines for WP leaders on budget allocations compile financial reports from WP/workstream cost statements, and ensure financial aspects remain on budget;
    2. Programme Director will be in-charge of coordinating the WP activities, Each WP leader reports to the project director on a regular basis. The Director closely monitors progress and produces regularly updated schedules to ensure that the project remains on target and in compliance with any agreed HEA conditions for the project.

All TU Dublin campuses will facilitate project seminars, workshops and conferences related to the dissemination of Transform-EDU project outputs. Peer-reviewed journal publications and technology reviews, and rollout of proven concepts will be the principal modes of ensuring robust interrogation of the substantive deliverables and associated risks, and the subsequent testing and re-calibration of the most promising innovations arising from the project.