Research Assistants

Ellen Kampigna

Ellen is an MPhil post graduate student in WS2 of the Transform-EDU project. Ellen has a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. She specialised in science education in her Masters and completed an ERASMUS exchange project in Dublin and published on the experience of chemistry lecturers during a change in virtual learning environment (VLE) among at TU Dublin in 2019. Ellen joined the Transform-EDU project team in September 2020 to perform an exploratory case study in WS2 on the understanding of and implementation of transformative learning and employability within the current curriculum framework at TU Dublin. Ellen’s project is in collaboration with the CoCREATE project, that focused on creating pillars for a new curriculum framework at TU Dublin. Ellen is co-supervised by Dr. Barry Ryan and Dr.Fionnuala Darby and Dr. Jennifer Harvey.

Wynham Chambers

Wyndham has completed a BA in psychology and biology from the College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University (Minnesota, USA) and an MA in applied psychology from University College Cork (Cork, Ireland). Wyndham has a particular interest in wellbeing psychology and has previously conducted research in the areas of stress reappraisal as well as transgenerational resilience. Wyndham’s research falls within the larger Transform-EDU project currently underway and aims to assess the impact of emotional intelligence and work readiness coaching on student’s academic attainment as well as their employability characteristics. The research seeks to directly evaluate the effectiveness of different social-emotional training modules and workshops which are being provided as a part of Transform-EDU. Based on the results of the study, suggestions will be made for ways in which the emotional intelligence and work readiness coaching provided to undergraduate students can be optimised. 

Paula Donovan

For her MPhil., Paula is undertaking a profile and analysis of the community development sector in South Dublin. Paula is an active board member of a number of key community development organisations within South Dublin County and is chair of several multi-agency sub committees.  Her responsibilities in South Dublin County Partnership Company and South Dublin Volunteer Centre as well as her keen interest and engagement with the community and voluntary sector facilitates using an engaged research methodology. Paula graduated with a BCom from UCD (1993) and has held a variety of senior roles throughout her career.  Most recently she served a five-year term as a County Councillor in South Dublin County Council following her election in 2014.   Paula’s expertise is in strategy and operations planning, gained as a freelance consultant in the community and voluntary sector in Ireland as well as her direct experience running a community facility.  Her previous career in Hewlett Packard provided essential planning, organising and leadership skills.  Paula’s supervisor is Dr. Phil Mulvaney.