Project Sponsor

Transform Edu is sponsored by the Higher Education Authority of Ireland under the Innovation and Transformation Programme 2018, under which TU Dublin has been awarded funding of of €1,389,961.  The programme has funded:-

      • collaborations between higher education institutions and organisations such the Disability Federation of Ireland to learn and adopt better ways of ensuring education is open to as many people as possible.
      • projects which focus on developing digital systems to enable more flexible learning, including through online options and simulation training
      • projects that are focusing on student mental health, supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups, student retention, leadership and preparing students for the working world.

Transform EDU supports innovation, transformation and quality improvement in teaching and student learning outcomes, a priority area for this first HEA Innovation and Transformation Call in 2018. It also addresses the Key System Objectives 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the Higher Education Systems Performance Framework 2018-2020. The original submission to the funding call can be found here along with the list of successfully funded applications.