Minister Simon Harris introduces Education for Citizenship and Development. 

Dr. Ger Craddock, Centre of Excellence for Universal Design, provides the national context for UD implementation.

Dr. Sheryl Burgstahler, University of Washington, provides an international context for UD and UDL implementation. 

Dr. Deirdre McQuillan highlights the work of UDL implementation by EUt+.

Margaret Kinsella outlines UDL implementation at TU Dublin.

Martha Burton highlights transformative learning events at TU Dublin.

The Genesis of STLR

Wyndham Chambers, PG researcher at PEEI, presents her findings on the impact of emotional intelligence coaching on third level students. 

Dr. Miriam O’Regan, post doctoral researcher at PEEI, presents her work on socio-emotional skills development. 

Alan O’Mara, Cavan Gaelic Footballer and mental health advocate, talks about his experiences …

Dr. Charles Nwankire, JP Morgan, gives the employer perspective on social and emotional skills.

Dr. Kevin O’Rourke provides an update on the rollout of Academic Integrity training at TU Dublin

Dr. Thomas Lancaster, Imperial College London presentation on “Contract Cheating”.

Dr. Mick McKeever talks about how we can categorise our curricula through the lends of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Estela Castelli Florino Pilz introduces the UN Sustainability Literacy Test or Sulitest