Transformative Learning Events – Funding Available!

You may recall the gathering of information by workstream 4.3 on the wonderful transformative learning events that took place over the last 2 academic years: we have sourced seed funding for some future events through the Transform EDU fund.  The objectives of this work package (4.3) within Transform EDU are 

(a) to determine events that could be offered as part of cross disciplinary TL events and 

(b) generate a pipeline of inter disciplinary events to provide innovative opportunities for extracurricular experience in interdisciplinary events and teamwork

If you are planning to run a co-curricular, extra-curricular or cross-disciplinary event for students during Semester 1 of the next academic year then please fill out the application form using this link here, there is seed funding of up to €200 available for each event.  All your events have greatly benefitted our students during these difficult times, and we would be delighted to help and encourage you to continue with these across the whole of TU Dublin going forward.

The application form asks about innovation, sustainability, and longevity of possible events.  Can the event be disseminated out all TU Dublin Campuses and other universities? Does it include a transformative learning element?  If you have any questions or queries, please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

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