Transformative Student-Centered Learning Record

Transform-EDU aims to systemically link teaching and learning, engagement, resources and infrastructure in which achievement of transformative learning against graduate attributes will be depicted in a Transformative Learning Record for individual learners. ​The project considers that, whereas programme learning outcomes are achievable within discipline-specific curricula, the 21st century graduate profile is dynamic, requiring an equally agile learning ecosystem to develop graduates who meet the technical and employability skills demanded in a wide spectrum of job-roles.​

The Transform-EDU project contains ambitious work packages, each contributing to realising effective delivery of the envisioned transformative student-centered learning,  based on the Nerstrom Transformative Learning Model (Nerstrom, 201415), which represents Transformative Learning as embodying four sequential phases. 

Nestrom’s Transformative Learning Model (Adapted from: Nerstrom, 2014) 

The project seeks to enable students to experience greater transformations from their learning through exposure to identifiable tenets of transformative learning. The project bears opportunities for successful implementation of transformative learning, offering a unique learning-experience in at TU Dublin. ​